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Crystal Cam® Cameras

CCII offers a line of cameras designed to withstand the most challenging environments.  Whatever you need to see, and wherever you need to see it - from deep undersea to confined spaces to radioactive environments and more, Crystal Cam® cameras allow you to see it clearly.

crystalcamOur flagship product and most basic unit, the Crystal Cam® Amber is a miniature camera with built-in lighting.  Whether integrated with your equipment, or as a part of a complete CCII system, Crystal Cam® Amber can go almost anywhere and survive almost anything.

crystalcammicro-300x201Extending the capabilities of the basic camera, the Crystal Cam® Sapphire adds digital control (RS485), a wide input voltage, and options for differential or composite video output.  Ideal for OEM Customers, Crystal Cam® Sapphire is economical, durable and proven in the field.

minicrystalcam-300x280The smallest of our camera line with the highest depth rating, the Crystal Cam® Onyx doesn't sacrifice quality or capability.  At less than one inch [25.4mm] diameter, the the Crystal Cam® Onyx can go more than 3,300 ft [1,000 m] underwater.

heliospackage2thumb-300x209CCII also offers complete turnkey camera systems, including tether cable, viewing monitor, recorder, tether cable, controller and portable power [battery] in a single Pelican® case.