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Crystal Cam® Onyx
(Mini Crystal Cam®)

minicrystalcam-1000x576At less than 1 inch [25.4 mm] diameter including integrated LED lighting, the Crystal Cam® Onyx works in extremely small spaces.  And we offer fully portable turnkey camera systems with everything you need in one package.

VT450ArmBecause it so small, Onyx makes an ideal camera for manipulator end-effectors, as shown here on the Versatrax 450 from Inuktun.

controller-672x372The Crystal Cam® Onyx uses the same control system and tether cable as the CC Amber, making the cameras fully interchangeable with each other (when using the CCII controller).

CC Onyx Features

0.875 inches [22.2mm]
2 inches [50 mm]
Depth Rating
3,300 feet [1,000 metres]
1/4" CMOS
420 TV lines
1 Lux
Variable Intensity LED
Casing material
Anodized Aluminum

CC Onyx Applications

Tank and well inspectionsUnderwater surveillance
ROV auxiliary camerasEnvironmental monitoring
Manipulator end-effector cameraConfined space inspections

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