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Helios Image Enhancement System

Capturing high quality video can be a challenge at the best of times.
Low light, dust, rain, snow, fog, smoke and turbid water make it almost impossible - until now.
Helios, CCII's real-time video image enhancement system, automatically improves the video image and increases clarity, balances brightness and emphasizes object edges.

heliosbig-672x372An intuitive interface provides direct access to the basic controls, with an option to save preferred settings.  More advanced control is available through a proprietary Windows® software program when connected to the HeliosTM USB port.

heliosimageEconomically priced, simple to install and easy to operate the Helios platform exposes new video image details that escape even the best quality SD Cameras.

helios_pad-lgThe HeliosTM is available as a complete stand-alone system, integrated into turnkey camera systems, or as components for OEM integration.  Shown above is a Seabotix LBV control system with an integrated HeliosTM panel.

HeliosTM Sample Videos - click images to show the videos in a new window